Creativity is drawn to motion

I’ve been reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, and honestly was pretty surprised by it.

I only read it because people (and podcasts and blog posts) kept recommending it to me, and I went in with Eat Pray Love in my head and a giant, snobbish assumption that I knew that it would be like.

I loved it.

Books are continuously surprising in this way, gently reminding me to not judge a book by its cover or by my preconceived ideas about what the author’s writing might be like.

inspiration will always be drawn to motion - Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

Something that particularly struck me in Big Magic was Gilbert’s assertion that creativity and inspiration will become even more vivid if you never stop being creative in the first place. 

So with this in mind, if you’re stuck on one project, try your hand at something else for a while. Can’t write? Go for a photo walk. Can’t paint? Try out something a little different, like composing a haiku or two.

I haven’t been writing much lately and instead have been working on my book binding skills, and last night I made this:

Art journal pages of a dog sleeping with mixed media - paint, newspaper page, Indian ink and washi tape.

It was really fun!

Switching stuff up when you live inside your head most of the time is definitely to be recommended by yours truly.