Keep making mistakes, I dare you

This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot, and I’ve realised that I feel like I need permission to f*ck up. I know I’m not alone in this.

So I’m here to tell you, not only is making mistakes okay, you’re totally allowed. I give you permission.

It’s the only way we’re ever going to grow. In fact, not making mistakes is the biggest mistake you’ll ever make.

It’s through the many mistakes I’ve made in my life (creative mistakes, poor choices, career missteps and small financial disasters) that I can now understand that, well, making mistakes is crucial in helping someone let go of fear.

Through mistakes we learn our vulnerabilities, our ignorance, our capacity for forgiveness, both of ourselves and others.

Sometimes, perhaps even more importantly, through mistakes we learn where our passion lies, and where it does not. 

Yes, mistakes are awful. Nobody likes making them. Nobody likes having to take ownership of them: but I’m here to tell you that the moment you do own them: that’s the moment of freedom.